Tuesdays with Dorie – Buttermilk Scones

This is the first time that I participated in Tuesdays with Dorie’s (TDW) bake-along. Every fortnight one recipe from Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan is chosen and people provide links to their own blogs, showing their results of their ‘adventure’.
This is going on since February 2012, so, I’m coming quite late to this party. Nonetheless, I’ve got the book and already made some lovely things from it.

Buttermilk Scones

I’ve been quite familiar with making scones, however mine usually include egg and milk. Therefore, I was quite interested to see how these ones would turn out.

Buttermilk scones1


I didn’t have buttermilk in the house, so I chose to make my own one, for the first time. Internet ‘resources’ say 1 cup of milk mixed together with 1 tablsp. of either lemon or vinegar. Since I had no lemons in the house I was lazy and took lemon concentrate. Well, it wasn’t working! I then remembered that I had some lime and I used them….. and after 10 min. or so it curdled nicely.
I also ran out of butter and used the leftover 11g (less than 1/2 ounce) I had, which actually was exactly enough to cover the two round pieces.
Baking time was quite a bit longer than the recipe called for, 15 min instead of 10-12min. However, I have a fan-assisted oven and put it at 210 Celsius. Looking at a Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion table now, 210 Celsius only comes to 410 Fahrenheit. The correct temperature should have been closer to 220 Celsius. That’s for the next time to try out.

Buttermilk scones2

I’m very happy with the outcome. They are not dry or crumbly, like so many store-bought scones. They are flaky and moist and don’t have this excessive bread soda taste. I have to admit that I actually prefer this recipe to my own, standard one.


11 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie – Buttermilk Scones

  1. Welcome to TWD!! 🙂 I haven’t been around much lately but this was a good one to jump in on. I made my own “buttermilk” too using white vinegar. 🙂 Glad you were happy with the outcome!

  2. Welcome to TWD’ group!!
    Great recipe for your first post, isn’t it?
    Your scones look beautiful!
    I enjoyed this recipe too, but I found it a bit buttery, so as you did, the next time I will use less and I’m sure it will be 100% perfect!

  3. Welcome! Great recipe to start with. I really enjoy baking along in the group. I’ve learned so much baking along with everyone. These scones really were good. Great job, they look yummy!

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